In recent years, genealogy has become incredibly popular — as people trace back their ancestry and try to reconnect with long-lost family members.

While many popular genealogy sites utilize DNA and life sciences to identify where you come from and the diversity of your DNA and familial lines, there is one thing they do not do — connect you to your long-lost family members that are alive. Instead, they simply tell you what part of the world that your ancestors may be from.

If you are interested in learning more about your family — and are even interested in reaching out to them and communicating with them — we urge you to search for them on Person-I-Find today.

What Is Person-I-Find?

Person-I-Find is a cutting edge search tool that allows you to find people with very limited information. Some people use our search tool using a name, some use it to verify contacts, and some use it to find forwarding addresses to reconnect with friends and family. That said, our search...


In life, there are countless friends that we make that for some odd reason we end up falling out of touch with. For some, it is a friend that they made on a vacation overseas. Others, however, might be looking for a long-lost childhood friend.

Falling out of touch with friends is a natural part of life. As an active duty member of the military, you spend all of your time either stateside or abroad. Over time, your bond with your comrades becomes most unique. That said, when many veterans return home, they forget to stay in touch with their fellow service members, (their buddies), as they try to readjust to civilian life. But don’t fret, there is a way to reconnect with other service members and veterans like yourself.

At Person-I-Find, we have developed a comprehensive search tool that can help you find and reconnect with your buddies from the service. Allowing you to search for people, identify contacts, locate forwarding addresses, and more. If you have been looking for an old friend, a buddy from the service, we...


As a parent, it is your job to protect your children at all costs. In the past, protecting your kids was as easy as keeping an eye on them while they were playing outside — in the age of information, however, your children can be threatened virtually — online or by telephone.

As a parent, it can be hard to protect your children from virtual encounters. You can try to set limitations to their devices and supervise their activity, but that won’t always work. Instead, protect your children by identifying who they are speaking with online or via the phone using email and phone number verification tools from Person-I-Find.

At Person-I-Find, we have developed a cutting-edge search solution that allows people to find people and verify their identity using their email or their phone number. While our service is often used by people who are trying to reconnect with friends and families looking for long-lost family members, it can also be used to identify potential...