Do You Know Who Is Talking To Your Children?

As a parent, it is your job to protect your children at all costs. In the past, protecting your kids was as easy as keeping an eye on them while they were playing outside — in the age of information, however, your children can be threatened virtually — online or by telephone.

As a parent, it can be hard to protect your children from virtual encounters. You can try to set limitations to their devices and supervise their activity, but that won’t always work. Instead, protect your children by identifying who they are speaking with online or via the phone using email and phone number verification tools from Person-I-Find.

At Person-I-Find, we have developed a cutting-edge search solution that allows people to find people and verify their identity using their email or their phone number. While our service is often used by people who are trying to reconnect with friends and families looking for long-lost family members, it can also be used to identify potential threats — people who may be speaking with your children but shouldn't.

Protecting Your Child Online And On The Phone

The internet is a dangerous place. Scammers, predators, bullies, and other threats can be found behind any corner — making the internet a scary place to parents whose children frequent the digital space.

As a parent, there are things that you can do to protect your children on the internet and their cellular devices. You can schedule screen time limits for your children, monitor what they are doing online, establish rules for social media use, and limit access to certain websites — but even then there is no guarantee that the online threats to your child have been eliminated.

Regardless of the guidelines and limitations that you set with your children, there is always a possibility that threats can develop. If you find that your child is communicating with an unknown individual online or via text message, it is incredibly important that you find out who they are talking to — and with an email address or phone number, you can identify that individual using Person-I Find.

Parents can use Person-I-Find to reverse search an email or phone number to identify who the individual speaking with their child is. Upon doing so, you might see that the person communicating with your child is someone that you know or a complete stranger. Either way, doing so will provide you comfort as a parent knowing what is going on during your kid’s online interactions — allowing you to rest comfortably knowing that they are safe or allowing you to intervene and put a stop to the communication.

Protect What Matters Most Using Person-I-Find

As a parent, you constantly worry about your children. You want them to be safe, you want them to succeed, and you want peace of mind knowing that they are staying out of danger. At Person-I-Find, we have developed a cutting-edge search solution that can be used to reconnect with loved ones, grow your personal network, and even identify who your children are talking to using a phone number or email. Regardless of why you choose to use our search tool, you will see results.

Our reports are 90% accurate and are more accurate than many free search tools. At Person-I-Find, we have ZERO hidden fees and if a report is returned, it is a one-time fee of $1.99. So what are you waiting for?

Our tools are here to help you identify who your kids are talking to so that you can keep them safe. An answer to your questions is just a couple of clicks away! Contact us today and begin your search.